Do Less Gain More Parenting

You may be asking yourself, "why is my kid so bratty and whiny?  Why the tantrums?"

Maybe you should let them play a little more.  With a little less Mom sprinkled in there....

What might happen if we give our children the room to roam and develop without us hovering over their every move?

They might grow.  And be confident.  Be independent, critical thinkers WHO CAN SOLVE THE WORLD'S PROBLEMS without Mommy watching and telling them how to do it. 

Let them climb that tree.  (Keep your terrorizing fear to yourself, Mom.) 

Let them jump off that rock.  (Seeee Mommy!  I knew I could do it!!!) 

Let them order their own food and speak to the waitress without being corrected.  (I'm a big girl Mommy, I did it all by myself!) 

Teach them clear boundaries.  Let them learn that life isn't easy and we are here to help prepare them every step of the way.  Without getting in the way of course.