2 Best Post-Pregnancy Tips

I wanted to talk about something that's really popular in our society.  It's losing weight after having a baby in record time and then posting about it.  #shitty #whyareyoustillfat #sixpackbackinweeks #wtf 

Don't feel pressure to lose weight right away.  We need to take care of ourselves and our new babies and soak in every moment.  Do not fall prey to social media pressure to look a certain way in a certain amount of time.  Listen to your body!  


Here is the stunning Brittany Gori from www.tobcandid.com 

And with a cherry on top...  what a beauty!  Glowing! 

And with a cherry on top...  what a beauty!  Glowing! 

Two of my favorite things:  Beautiful shiny package from Forever 21, and a totally gorgeous shoot with one of my best subjects!  (How pretty was this shoot??!!)

Check out Brittany Gori's blog and stunning website.  LOVE HER.  Great fashion AND she's due with twins any minute. 

Best of luck to her and her cute firefighter hubby!

You can see more of our shoot HERE. 

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