Be of Service.


Every time I get overwhelmed, sad, or just down in this life, I reach out to help someone else in need.  


The best way to overcome those feelings is to serve others.

Don't think life is going your way?  Feeling like others have "more" than you?  

This is a conversation I have to have with the kids a lot.  

"Why does so and so have a new truck?  Why do they get to go skiing every year?"  The list goes on.  

One thing I like to remind the kids is, we all have our own story and our own journey.  That's just not our story for right now and that's ok.  You are your own hero in your own tale.  

Go help someone.  Get out of your head and get into someone else's.  It's amazing what it feels like to give to someone in need.  Immediate lifter of spirits!  Do it.  I dare you!  

Recently I volunteered myself and the kids to assist with an amazing program called Skate MD.  A non profit skateboard clinic to help special needs children learn to skate.  The kids complained the entire morning leading up to it.  Rain or shine, we showed up and it was amazing.  

Well done kids.